Terms and Conditions

  1. “Leaflet Distributed” referred to as “the company”, “our” or “we”.
  2. “The customer” or "the client” refers to the individuals or organizations listed on the Distribution Request Form or Client Account Application.

Delivery Items

  1. Single sheet items are eligible for delivery unless a special agreement has been arranged beforehand.
  2. Items cannot contain any staples, pins or attachments.
  3. Item size must be no less than A7 & no more than A1.
  4. Each leaflet must weigh less than 400g.
  5. All leaflets within one order must be identical in size and weight.
  6. Only one business may be advertised per item.
  7. Quotes apply to materials weighing up to 80 gsm per page unless otherwise stated.
  8. Quotes are subject to change based on the final size and weight of items.

Booking and Delivery

  1. The company accepts bookings verbally or in writing via email, fax, or post.
  2. All promotional materials must be delivered to Leaflet Distributed by 6:30 p.m. on the agreed date.
  3. The company may collect items from within London for orders where printing has been arranged or orders exceeding £250.
  4. No carton should weigh more than 15kg.
  5. All identical items must be bundled together.
  6. Customers should label each carton or bundle with their name.
  7. The job number or distribution area must be included on the labels for simultaneous campaigns.
  8. The company reserves the right to adjust charges or discard any items that do not meet the agreed standards.
  9. Delays due to errors or inadequate item preparations will be resolved as soon as possible, and clients will be notified.

Distribution and GPS Tracking

  1. Distributions are generally completed within one week of the campaign start date.
  2. The company will endeavour to distribute on the client's desired timescale but may be affected by factors such as weather conditions.
  3. Schedule adjustments may be necessary due to uncontrollable circumstances.
  4. Distribution happens according to UK postcodes and sectors, with additional charges for more specific locations.
  5. Leaflet Distributed uses GPS technology for internal use only.
  6. The company strives to carry out delivery as per the order form but retains the right to adjust delivery method and time.

Issues arising from distribution

  1. The company will address any distribution-related issues that are reported within 48 hours and are accompanied by adequate information.
  2. Any identified shortfalls in distribution will be corrected, and subsequent delivery will be seen as fulfilling the contract.
  3. The customer accepts that the company is not responsible for inaccuracies in the content of delivered materials and cannot influence the responses.
  4. Count estimates of letterboxes provided by the company are approximations and may vary.

Contract Changes and Termination

  1. Either party may terminate the contract with 30 days’ notice.
  2. A minimum of one month's notice is necessary for distribution changes or cancellations, or charges may apply.
  3. Contracts will be terminated immediately if the client encounters financial difficulties.


  1. Full payment is required upon order unless earlier agreements have been made.
  2. The client cannot offset charges.
  3. An extra charge of £35 will be applied for dishonoured payments.
  4. Late payments will incur a 20% surcharge.
  5. Non-payment may result in the suspension or cancellation of deliveries without notice.


  1. The company reserves the right to refuse items that breach these terms.
  2. The client must ensure materials comply with all relevant regulatory standards.
  3. The company will not distribute materials that breach advertising standards or laws.
  4. Items that may damage the company's reputation, violate laws, or fall outside the agreement may be rejected.
  5. Pricing applies only to business promotions via printed material unless otherwise stated.

Complaints and Guarantees

  1. Complaints must be reported within 48 hours of campaign completion.
  2. Complaints must be submitted via email or post.
  3. Delivery to all letterboxes within a campaign cannot be guaranteed.
  4. The company will only reprint and redistribute promotional material if there is clear evidence of non-delivery.


  1. These terms supersede all other related contract terms.
  2. This agreement will adhere to English rules and regulations.

Record Keeping

  1. All interactions with the company may be monitored for internal and legal use.


  1. All website content is copyrighted to Leaflet Distributed.
  2. Permission is needed for commercial use of website content beyond individual and personal usage.