Leaflet Distribution Tips & Advice

Why Door to Door Leaflet Distribution?

Though some businesses have neglected the distribution of flyers door to door, Distributing flyers to various households is a simple yet very convincing form of advertising. There have been many who have taken the initiative and have benefited handsomely from it. Small companies have become very successful through flyer distribution and door to door advertising and this form of adverting has enabled many households to become permanent customers. This has translated into strong word of mouth publicity, repeat business and a fresh influx of new customers.
You can choose to do flyer delivery yourself or by asking an employee to do so. However, this is not possible if you wish to distribute hundreds or even thousands at any one time. If you want to undergo mass leaflet distribution, you may wish to consider a flyer delivery service through ASA Distribution. We are professionals in the field and know the right timing and the right method to distribute these flyers for maximum exposure. ASA Distribution can even help with designing the flyers with a fresh, innovative look and creatively layout content to maximize your exposure.

Some flyer distribution companies have contracts with newspaper vendors and even newspaper companies and offer an option to include your material inside newspapers and or magazines. ASA Distribution does not recommend this type of marketing as materials inside newspapers are often dumped, put aside or ignored. For best results, solus leaflet distribution is recommended.

There are many methods and ways in which one can go about flyer delivery. ASA Distribution offers excellent planning, efficient and effective distribution monitoring systems which keep tabs on distributors in order to guarantee delivery.  New or existing companies have the potential to be successful with flyer distribution. ASA Distribution has helped a number of companies to become household names by offering effective door to door marketing campaigns. Many householders are waiting for exciting offers and discounts on products and services and if you are able to give these to them at their door step; they will definitely become your customers.



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