Leaflet Distribution Tips & Advice

Leaflet Distribution Tips

Door to Door Leaflet distribution is a marketing strategy which is recognised and utilised by many established companies and start-ups. There are reasons why companies use this form of marketing; however one common consensus is that IT WORKS! Leaflet distribution and door to door marketing is an established way of;

  • Building a brand
  • Engaging your customers.
  • Introducing a product or service.
  • Building customer trust.

Many people have unrealistic expectation from leaflet distribution and as a result, draw inaccurate conclusions about this type of marketing. Here are some tips to consider about leaflet distribution which will help you plan and sustain successful leaflet distribution campaigns.

Customers will not always need your products/services immediately:
One of the biggest mistakes made by campaigners is expecting to receive an unrealistic response from a leaflet distribution campaign. For example, an I.T. support company distributes 5000 leaflets and expects 500 calls the very same day. Unfortunately leaflet distribution is not as simple as that and there are many variables to consider in this instance. For example, is there computer broken at that moment in time? Though potential clients may have an interest in your services, they may not require it at that moment in time. Therefore your card, flyer or leaflet will be stored or put aside until needed in the future.

Is there a need for your products or services in your campaign area?
This is very important when choosing your campaign geography. If one is advertising a niche product or a service which is normally utilised by a certain calibre of people. Your leaflet distribution campaign should be targeting areas which require that product or service. There really is no point in advertising £2500 custom made handbags to the poorest parts of London. You may receive responses; however you would not receive enough to justify your advertising expenditure, simply because your target audience cannot afford what you are advertising. This also applies to services. It is prudent to plan, research and execute a door to door leaflet distribution campaign properly, with a view to achieving a sensible return.

Are your prices competitive?
If you have opted to include prices on your material, please ensure they are competitive. Your prices do not necessarily have to be the cheapest; however they must be attractive for maximum response.
Depending on your industry, you may wish to give an idea of prices rather than absolute figures. For example, using phrases such as ‘from as little as’ and ‘starting from’ is an excellent way of informing potential customer of what to expect. It is advisable to include your lowest priced product or service to attract your customers; however it is important to be ethical.

Is your advertising material to the point and easy to read?
Many people will look at a leaflet or flyer and with a glance determine it its interest to them. If your leaflet or flyer isn’t direct or ‘beating around the bush’, chances are it will end up in dust bin. When you are designing your leaflet or flyer for distribution, it is important that you structure the information to be;

  • Kind on the eyes
  • Easy to read with large text and short precise information.
  • Images should be appropriate for what you are advertising.
  • Try to design flyers or leaflets which grab attention. Be creative with your artwork by using original images. Hit your customers with bright, direct and catchy phrases. For example, if you were a restaurant you could use this approach, “Tired of the same Friday night takeaway!”.

Is there an incentive?
Customers are 90% more likely to buy into your products or services when they are offered an incentive such as a coupon or discount code or voucher. Always remember you are never the only company or person selling the service or product. There will always be a competitor, therefore ask yourself this, why should customers choose my product or service when they receive my flyer?   

Keep your brand, services and products in your customers’ domain:
The reality is, ‘out of sight out of mind’. Invest into your leaflet distribution, don’t see it as funds wasted but funds invested. Sometimes potential customers are wary of new companies and will not respond immediately. When they see you leaflets once, twice and three times, they get a sense of reassurance because you are still in business. They feel more trusting after seeing your flyers a few times through their letterbox. 

Other reasons stem from them losing your flyer or leaflets. Eventually your potential customers will require your product or service. When they realise they had dumped your material, they often go looking for the product or service, which in turn means business lost. Try to plan and execute your campaigns regularly, this way you stay within their domain, building your brand awareness and increasing your chances of acquiring their business.



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