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Guide to a Successful Leaflet Distribution Campaign

What Makes an Effective Flyer Distribution Campaign?

One good way of advertising is by using flyers. This is considered a very good marketing strategy for many companies. Though small the flyer may be, it is the information it conveys and how this information is presented which could make the difference. In order to create an effective campaign, the following steps should be considered:


Full preparation is needed for any effective flyer campaign. Without a proper plan and guidelines to adhere to, the effectiveness of the results will be based largely on luck. In its simplest term a flyer can take very little time to do. However, the flyer campaign should be detailed giving information about what is being advertised or promoted, who the target market is and the expected results once the flyers have been distributed.



To ensure effectiveness in any flyer campaign, the design must be of good and high quality. The design must be created by some one with experience in designing promotional materials. The design should be appealing, eye catching and should grab the attention of the intended audience. The information written in the flyer should be relevant, current and informative so that it catches the eye of the reader.


Flyer printing is an integral part of an effective campaign. Because flyers are handled by potential customers, it is important that flyers are printed on good material. Even though very good printing materials can be costly, the cheapest materials are usually not effective. The printing of flyers says a lot about your business.


The distribution process is just as important as planning. The distribution of leaflets should be carried out in such a way that it will reach a wide range of people in the right area. Depending on the appeal of the flyer, if your flyer has a mass appeal then it would be wise to hand them out in large town centres so anyone can get one but if it is a much smaller target audience, then it would often be considered to deliver then to businesses or properties in the areas which require this product or services.



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